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Approximately 30% of high school graduates will not attend a 4-year college (New York Times). From handshakes to mock interviews, we show them opportunities beyond the college years.

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89% of your students who are new hires will fail for attitudinal reasons and only 11% of the time for lack of skill.- Forbes
We teach students the necessary skills they need to get and keep a job successfully.

We help you present the best possible you!

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Thank you for teaching us the proper way to act in practically any situation.
- Matt M, Previous Student
Every student will take the Key Class at our school: it will without a doubt give our students an edge in the workplace and in life.
- Marlo Stoops, Counselor, Rincon High School
I hope your etiquette teaching rubs off onto my soul…in return for your passionate willingness for us to succeed in the job world, I will be successful.
- Richard P., Previous Student
The Key Class is a class on all the key components that students need when they enter the workforce or begin to interact with adults in the 'real world'.
- Bill Woodard, Assistant Principle of Curriculum/Instruction, Dos Pueblos High School

We help encourage students to present the best of who they are! We teach them how to:

politely interact with others and help them understand vital social skills as well as the importance of respectful behavior.

reach their goals of independence and success.

tackle their world, their jobs, and their lives, providing our community with positive, eager youth.

We teach you:

Interview prep, the first interview and follow-up

Dressing for success

Resume-building and completing applications

Business dining

Our current collaborators:

Santa Barbara Unified School District

Teen Court and Probation

Workforce Investment Board

United Way's Fun in the Sun

Boys and Girls Clubs

Carpinteria Cares for Youth

Partners in Education Intern Program

*No other organization is providing the curriculum developed by The Key Class, and we hope you contact us if you would like to be added to our list of collaborators for the future.

In the course, you will...

Get the tools that will help you secure a job and succeed at work and life.

Gain Self-confidence.

Understand how to communicate in ways that bring you the results you want to see.

Discover why your concern for the world around you is important, especially to you.

Learn the art of face-to-face interaction which has suffered in this techno era but is critical to your success in the workplace.

Go through a series of 4 classes devoted to making sure you make a great first impression in the first 90 seconds of your job interview and beyond!

“In a survey of 2000 bosses, 33% said they know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they will hire you! A person develops an opinion of you within the first 20 seconds of meeting you. We help you make a great impression!”