Your Future Is Here, Now What?

Grade 12

Now that they are getting ready to embark on a new journey, what do they need to be prepared for life on their own?

The unemployment rate of young adults (17-24) is at 28% because they are unable to secure jobs due to their behavior and lack of social skills (as reported by the Santa Barbara News Press). It is that “behavior” that The Key Class strives to correct and puts special emphasis on in this course. How will they “get along” with others and transition successfully from what they have to do toward what they want to do. With the focus on the future, we discuss:

  • Financial challenges of freedom and the responsibilities that go with it
  • Check writing
  • Credit cards and the debt that can sneak up on you
  • Interview skills for college and jobs

We also have a guest panel of college sophomores to address:

  • balancing needs vs wants and the top things they didn’t see coming
  • time management and stretching harder than ever before
  • different challenges and changes of habits
  • knowing your body clock and how it relates to selecting classes