The Choices Ahead

Grade 11

In the United States… more than 17 million undergraduates will be enrolling in classes this fall. Like most students, they learned that what you can do and who you can be—the qualities of your skills and of your soul—are two separate questions that aren’t quite separable. And that college was a pretty good place to work out some answers to both.

– New York Times, Kwame Anthony Appiah

This course helps guide students in choosing their next step for the future. Answering the ever so important questions: “How do I choose which College to go to?” and “What if I am not ready to go off to College?” and of course “I don’t think I want to go to College; do I have other options?” Exploring the answers to such questions and focusing on college preparation and careers is the main goal of this course. Learning how to “sell” oneself and using it to make an impact on future college admissions counselors and employers. We focus on:

  • Getting ready: preparing for college interviews and getting ready for college, or life without college
  • Introducing college admission officers to explain the process for a successful college interview and how to stand out
  • Addressing the myth: “You are a failure if you don’t go to college.”
  • So you don’t want to go to college or start right away? The “to do” list for success without college
  • Mock interviews for college and vocational schools