“We have found The Key Class provides a break-through opportunity for students to learn many life skills that we simply have not had the expertise or curriculum to deliver … John Daly has created a comprehensive, integrated and important curriculum that all of our students will enjoy and benefit from as they transition from teenagers to young adults. The Key Class will give students a coordinated program that is developmentally appropriate for students in grades 9 through 12. We have had such phenomenal responses from the current work Mr. Daly is doing in our district that we know when the program has a chance to be taken by every student, our Santa Barbara Unified School District community will benefit. Our students benefit when the community invests in their educational program. We know that students will benefit from The Key Class, and we are excited to have the chance to be able to make this happen.” –Dr. David Cash, Superintendent, Santa Barbara Unified School District

“John is doing great work through The Key Class and is making a positive, measurable impact in our community. We never want to miss an opportunity to work with him and his organization.” – Brent Baldwin, former Director of Operations & General Counsel, American Indian Health & Services

“John Daly takes the time to make sure that students truly understand the concepts and ideas presented, and is always at the ready with a real-life example that is age appropriate and designed to connect students’ lives and experiences to the material he presents. One of John’s true strengths is that he brings to the class knowledge which he has gained through personal experience, and cannot be replicated through a text book, or online video. John’s presence in the classroom is immediately felt, and he is energetic, passionate about what he does, and devoted to reaching every student, regardless of their prior experience. He is a natural teacher, and responds beautifully to questions posed to him, including ones that might engender a negative response from teachers who felt threatened by a student challenging them. John handles this with patience and expertise, and always dignifies students’ responses by assuming the best in them and taking the time to hear them out. He does this, clearly, because he wants to reach each and every student. Students sense this about him, and they deeply respect him for it. I have seen him connect with students that others have been unable to reach, and make a positive impact on them, in literally the span of seven course sessions–no small feat to be sure. His care, attention to every detail of the course, and passion for bringing this curriculum to the lives of students to provide them with the edge to be succesful in “real world” situations is unparalleled. It is with the utmost of confidence that I would recommend his curriculum to be integrated within any school that wishes to give their students this edge, and level the playing field for students, providing equity and excellence in a real-life, compelling curriculum that is taught by an internationally recognized leader in his field, one who has now dedicated himself to making a positive impact on each and every one of our students.” -Brian Slotnick-Lastrico, Freshman Seminar Teacher, Dos Pueblos High School

“Programs like yours provide training and information very useful to our clients and provide a service that we are not always able to offer. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your skills at maintaining the interest and attention of these young people. Our probationers can be a difficult group to reach. Not only was the information very important to these young people, but it was presented in such a manner that our staff did not have to provide help in maintaining the proper behavior on the members of this population. Many people claim to have a way with teenagers, but I seldom see someone as skilled as you are in your field. –Robert Foster, Juvenile Institutions Officer Senior, Santa Barbara County Probation Department

“John, first off, I want to thank you for a wonderful session on Sales & Social Skills. Yours was one of my favorite sessions of the entire Event Solutions conference. You could become our next Ann Landers of business. If was very informative and further enhanced by your grounded, charming style. Again, you presented a very thoughtful and insightful session. Thanks for all the time and energy you devoted to your presentation. It really showed during the entire hour and 15 minutes.” – Elaine Jennings, Small Potatoes Catering & Events, San Francisco

“I wanted to thank you for teaching the Key Class to the teenagers at the Carpinteria Boys & Girls Club. This was such a comprehensive life skills and college/work readiness series that surely prepared the teens for their bright futures. Your program gave them the confidence and knowledge of how to appropriately act in adult social and professional situations. I feel as though the teens who attended the Key Class meetings now have a leg up on their peers and are ready to make their mark in the world. They really enjoyed your teaching style and the hands-on learning. You were able to reach a demographic that often gets looked over, but that definitely need programs like yours to give them the skills not only to get by, but to thrive in the working world. I wish that every teenager had the opportunity to take your class, because I know it would improve society as a whole. You have encouraged these individuals to make the most of their lives and made them feel important by investing your time in them. I cannot wait to share your program with the other Boys & Girls Clubs. Thank you for everything you have done for the youth in the community.” – Amanda Lyon, Programs Director, Carpinteria Boys & Girls Club”

From a Recent Class Evaluation
“There are no other classes like The Key Class where you learn real world skills.”

“I didn’t think etiquette could have that much of an impact on my life, so thank you for teaching us.”

“I think every student should know about this.”

“I learned a lot in The Key Class, and I talked about what I had learned with my parents almost every night. It made a great impact on me.”

“I want to let John Daly know that he has inspired me, and I know he will have the same affect on many others. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTING John Daly!!!”

“This class has actually changed my life!”

“I do not believe there is any other class in school where you can learn this information.”

“I think every student in the world needs this class. It is so beneficial to everyone.”

“This class taught me to believe in myself and to be more confident.”

“The idea of teaching students things they need to know about being an adult (that otherwise wouldn’t have been taught until college or possibly never) is quite a grand idea!”

Reviews from the Students

“I hope your etiquette teaching rubs off on to my soul… In return for your passionate willingness for us to succeed in the job world, I will be successful.” – Richard Palafox

“I think everyone should take The Key Class!” – Mitzi D.

“I’m very thankful for everything I learned, and it will be very helpful to me throughout my life!” – Heidi M.

“I will always remember when you shake someone’s hand to look them in the eyes with a nice grip and your lead foot forward.” – Ivan P.

“In the future I know I’ll use all the tips and advice I learned, but the thing I’ll use most is how to eat properly and set a table.” – Jessica H.

“Thank you for teaching me how to keep up a conversation and walk into a place with confidence. I do plan on using these skills every day.” – Avery W.

“The Key Class honestly helped me on what to say and do at a job interview. It gave me confidence!” – Vigor C.

“Thank you, Mr. Daly, for helping me build my confidence when speaking to a person one-on- one. I plan on getting a job after the holidays, and I am sure I will get one after all the skills learned in The Key Class.” – Zach S.

“Thank you for teaching us the proper way to act in practically any situation.” – Matt M.

“Thank you for giving us good life-long lessons.” – Tina G.

“Thank you for teaching us how to act and dress for important events later in life. It is greatly appreciated.” – Susie M.