Importance Of Positive Identity

Grade 10

“Some of the most crucial conversations you will ever have will be with yourself… If we can’t gather ourselves, we can’t recognize other people for who they are.”

– Sherry Turkle, New York Times

Do you remember those awkward years in high school when you were transitioning? Those years you were trying to discover your purpose in life? This course allows students to help get in touch with who they are and focuses on giving them self-confidence. Using an interactive approach that connects them to teachers and their fellow students, they will examine the importance of tolerance and respect for all. We start to focus on their goals and making them feel good about themselves. We also concentrate on the following:

  • Stereotypes: how men and women treat each other
  • Getting along in the workplace: “89% of your students who are new hires will fail for attitudinal reasons and only 11% of the time for lack of skill.- Forbes
  • Tolerance for all
  • Social media and the effects of negative posting
  • Relationships and abuse
  • Dating Etiquette
  • The cost in dollars and cents to have a baby