Course Description

Mission Statement: The Key Class strives to deliver a comprehensive yet simple guide to social and business etiquette. It gives participants real world life skills key to ensuring all students, regardless of where they live, are prepared for career and life.”

The purpose of The Key Class is to teach the tools of successful social skills for anyone, especially youth, who wants to succeed in life. In both personal and professional situations, every society has traditions in place that determine the way people are judged by the people they meet. Understanding these guidelines in society can make or break a person in social and business circles. Because these social rules are constantly changing, it is necessary to be aware of the latest etiquette techniques.

More and more, it is becoming apparent that these social guidelines are not being taught to our youth, and this is manifested in the workplace and in day-to-day life. Students are struggling to make the transition from school to work, unable to secure jobs or fit into the corporate culture. This is where The Key Class teaches students how to get along with others, behave properly and treat others respectfully in the workplace or in social situations.

Along with being informative, The Key Class is user-friendly and fun! The use of high-energy interactive teaching methods increases student participation and enhances the learning environment. A series of four courses provides lecture, interactivity and role-playing to give students the knowledge to enter worlds that might not otherwise be achievable without it. A live-action final exam will access students’ successfully acquiring the information.

Course 1 is the basics for all students. This is a Basic Behavior 101 Course. It includes how to:

– shake hands
– carry on a conversation while looking in another’s eyes
– interpret body language
– understand the good, the bad and the ugly of social media
– dress for successful impressions
– navigate the dining table
– how to find your skills if you have never worked a real job
– resumes and cover letters

Course 2 is based on ages 16 and up. Entitled “The Importance of a Positive Identity,” it focuses on developing self-confidence and setting goals. It includes:

– relationships and how abuse is not love
– dating etiquette
– cell phone and texting behavior
– how to make a good first impression
– analyzing stereotypes and how men and women treat each other
– respect and tolerance for all
– social media and the effects of negative posting
– financial obligations regarding dating, pregnancy and parenthood

Courses 3 is appropriate for ages 17 and up. Entitled “The Choices Ahead,” it focuses on preparing for college interviews and getting ready for college or life without college. It includes:

– mental prep for college
– mental prep for a career without college
– the simple secret to success
– getting ready for college with resumes, meet and greet, mock interviews, elevator speeches, thank you notes and college debt
– social media’s impact on privacy
– conversations that are a must with segregated male and female classes
– real-life financial problems and solutions

Course 4 is also appropriate for ages 17 and up. Entitled, “Your Future is Here – Freedom Awaits and So Does the Responsibility that Comes with it.” It includes:

– paying for the essentials
– balancing study and personal needs
– the top 5 things that will be a surprise
– time management
– scholarship applications
– revisiting resumes and interviewing for college and jobs
– self-employment

Participants will leave with a complete understanding of the necessary skills to succeed in both their work and life environments.