Basic Behavior 101

Grade 9

“A 16 year old boy who relies on texting for almost everything says wistfully, ‘Someday, someday, but certainly not now, I’d like to learn to have a conversation.”

– New York Times, The Flight From Conversation

The key skill of face-to-face communication is being drowned out by social media and the coolest new phone your kid is raving about.

The goal of this course is to pull kids away from all those distractions and help them discover the art and skill of personal interaction.

They will discover the importance of first impressions and how to make a great one.

They will learn in this course how to build confidence when speaking one-on-one or in a public setting. They will also learn:

  • The proper way to meet and greet others
  • The importance of eye contact
  • Body language and its effects
  • Social Media – the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Dressing to impress
  • How to navigate and set a dining table