What we do

Mission statement: The Key Class strives to deliver a comprehensive yet simple guide to social and business etiquette. It gives participants real world life skills key to ensuring all students, regardless of where they live, are prepared for career and life.

“The Key Class is a class on all the ‘key’ components that students need when they enter the workforce or begin to interact with adults in the ‘real world’. Students learn how important it is to be professional.”

– Bill Woodard,
Principal of Dos Pueblos High School.

We teach a carefully designed curriculum, which instructs students on how to politely interact with others and understand the vital social skills as well as the importance of respectful behavior in reaching their goals of independence and success. It’s our goal to help make the transition from school to work a smoother and successful process. To encourage students to be successful we use a series of 4 courses, researched specifically for each age group, that gives the students the keys to open new doors that might not have been achievable without this knowledge.