74 Key Life Skills

If someone could give you the keys to success in life and work, would you accept them?

Look at life as a game. Every game has skills and rules. When you play the game, you have to possess the skills and know the rules. If you don’t, you’ll lose.

So it is with life and work. It affects your relationships, your happiness, your self-awareness, and your ability to perform well.

74 Key Life Skills for a Happy, Successful Lifewill point the way to living the good life. It provides skills for behavior in life, work, image building and interaction with others. These critical 74 “soft skills” will enhance your life and guide you through both difficult and often uncertain situations that block even the most aware from being successful.

Who says this is important stuff that you should pay attention to? John Daly does. How does he know? He practiced these skills throughout his 44-year career as one of the most successful event designers/producers in the world, gaining the title of “guru of special events.” Then he turned his attention to working with our youth who often lack the social skills to succeed in life. He is teaching these soft skills to them, and guess what? It’s working. It’s working so well that John’s curriculum, called The Key Class, has been adopted by the Unified Santa Barbara School District as well as other schools.

“We have found John Daly’s Key Class provides a break-through opportunity for students to learn many life skills that we simply have not had the expertise or curriculum to deliver … and we have had such phenomenal responses.”
– Dr. David Cash, Superintendent, Santa Barbara Unified School District

Not just for kids, John has taken his experiences and knowledge and poured them into this book that will help adults and youth alike fill in the missing pieces for a happier, better life. With keys like that, there isn’t any door that won’t be open to you!

John Daly, a highly-successful international event producer, advised his top Fortune 100 corporate clients on proper protocol both in the U.S. and around the globe for 44 years. He has taught The Key Class through the Santa Barbara Teen Court for the past five years and works with the Workforce Investment Board and a variety of organizations. Since 2013, Daly has provided the program to multiple high schools in Santa Barbara and currently has expanded it to all high schools in the Santa Barbara Unified School DistrictSchool System, as well as Ventura County, California. In 2013-14, John Daly won the “Outstanding Fun In the Sun Individual Partner of the Year” Award from United Way. The same year, Daly won “mentor of the year” from Santa Barbara High School’s Dons Net Café and the 2014 Penny Jenkins Mentor Champion Award from the Fighting Back Mentor Program. John Daly is the 2015-2016 President of Partners in Education.

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